Three Key Ways to Care for Your Jewelry This Summer

Three Key Ways to Care for Your Jewelry This Summer

Three Key Ways to Care for Your Jewelry This Summer

With summertime in our midst, it is easy to get wrapped up in enjoying the weather to forget to properly care for your jewelry. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry shining all summer long.


1). Clean, Clean, Clean

Sweat, lotion, and sunscreen can cause dullness, which is why jewelry has to stay clean. It is best if the jewelry is left off when sunbathing. If you still want to wear your favorite jewelry, make sure to take off your necklaces, rings, and bracelets before slathering on sunscreen to avoid tarnishing them. Try our jewelry cleaning kit to ensure that your jewelry maintains its shine. 


2). Keep It Dry

If you’re planning on taking a dip in the ocean or even the pool, it’s important to remove any jewelry before going into the water. Saltwater and chlorine tarnish the metals and can ruin the overall appearance in the long-term.


3). Give Your Jewelry Some Space

It’s pretty tempting to keep your jewelry in one small, portable place. However, keeping your pieces in a baggie or pouch is a big no-no. This can cause your jewelry to bump together, resulting in scratches and even damage overtime. We recommend storing your jewelry in a compartmentalized box to keep it all together while giving it space at the same time. Bonus, you won’t need to untangle your necklaces!


If you happen to have already gotten sunscreen, lotion, sweat, chlorine, etc. in your jewelry, we are here to help you. At M. Martin & Co. we have a special professional cleaning machine. Make an appointment with us and leave with clean and sparkling jewelry. 

Article written by Elana Cattledge