Tips for Brushing Your Jewelry

Tips for Brushing Your Jewelry

The more frequently you use something, the more often you are bound to clean it. Whether it’s your clothes, your body, or your teeth, they need to be cleaned regularly. Jewelry is no different! Washing your jewelry allows it to keep its sparkling glow and its vibrant colors.

However, brushing jewelry is not the same as brushing your teeth. Brushing your jewelry is a process that needs to be performed carefully and with great attention to detail. In fact, did you know that up to 20 percent of the population has damaged gums due to the over-brushing of their teeth? That amount of pressure put on a soft gemstone could cause some serious damage.

The best way to brush your jewelry is to find a miniature brush that is much smaller than your typical toothbrush. A smaller brush will force you to apply less pressure to the jewelry and the smaller bristles will allow you to reach into the deep crevices of your jewelry.

M.Martin & Co.has all of your cleaning concerns covered with our effective jewelry cleaning kit. The kit offers this perfect sized brush and dipping tray to submerge your jewelry in the cleaning solution. We recommend using the M.Martin & Co. jewelry cleaner because it has the perfect equilibrium of soap, water, and cleaning chemicals that will not damage your jewelry. Other cleaners may damage or deteriorate the jewelry, but our jewelry cleaner will prolong the life of your jewelry and allow it to keep its sparkling appearance.