What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds (also called lab-created diamonds) are made from the same material as natural diamonds – carbon.

Lab grown diamonds have the same hardness and sparkle as a natural diamond; the only difference is that one is made in nature and one is made in a laboratory.

Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds


Same chemical properties as mined diamonds but now sustainable. Same sparkle, same hardness, excellent cut, color, clarity, and your choice of carat weight.

lab grown diamonds chicago


Lab grown diamonds can be placed into any custom setting. Choose your shape, color, size, and clarity just like a natural diamond. 

lab grown diamonds chicago m. martin and co.

Excellent Value

Real, gem quality diamonds at a reasonable price. You can get a larger sized diamond made up of the same carbon material as a natural diamond for a lesser price. ⁣

GIA Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

M. Martin & Co. is carrying large quantities of GIA certified lab grown diamonds! The GIA certification is the best diamond qualification in the industry because they’re the most consistent lab grading entity. These labs also grade more rigorously than other labs.

Did you know that all lab grown diamonds are not considered equal?

We only carry top quality lab grown diamonds where the laboratory takes their time not to grow the diamonds too quickly and they are made of the proper chemical materials. Just like natural diamonds, M. Martin & Co. only sells the very best to our customers.

Why Work with M. Martin & Co?

M. Martin & Co. Jewelers has been satisfying customers since 1939 and specializes in diamonds and gemstones.

  • Personal selection of the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones.
  • You meet only with a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) / designer.
  • All certified diamonds regraded for accuracy by our expert staff.
  • Merchandise custom made in our own shops or ordered from the finest manufacturers.
  • Better prices (and, of course, better diamonds) than you will find on the internet.
  • Wholesale pricing to the public.


Michael P.

“My ring was designed to fit the exact diamonds I wanted to keep. We researched ring designs and customized my ring to be uniquely mine. It’s a beautiful ring with a lot of sentimental value. The turnaround time was great and Stan was fun and helpful. I will treasure this forever!”

Mike G.

“I was moving in with my girlfriend (now fiancé!) the following week, and asked Stan if he could get a speedy turnaround on the construction so I could pop the question before the first box dropped. He came through 110% and then some. I highly recommend shopping for your special moment here. I can’t wait to recommend Stan to others getting ready to propose!”

Manda P.

“My husband used M Martin for our wedding rings. His diamonds are absolutely gorgeous and their shine is constant. He is very knowledgeable about diamonds and their cuts and colors. If you’re looking for a diamond that is stunning M Martin is the place to go! We will use him again.”